The truth is, we all read the same books, articles, and go to the same lectures.  There aren't many secrets in rowing.  Or, are there?  Surely, we all row legs-back-arms on the drive.  Our recoveries aren't that different are they?  If this is true, why do the same coaches always get boats into the Finals and constantly take the medals.  It is not an anomolie that the Marin's, CRI's, Malvern Prep's, St. Joe's Prep's of the world are constantly the fastest programs.  So, what gives?  The "Coaching Eye" is a series of presentations that goes beyond simply a lecture of "how I do things at my program".  Each presentation is an hour long.  There are sweep and sculling choices of presentations, each given by some of the best coaches in the U.S.  The hour is broken down like this:  Presenter introduces himself/herself.  Then, they spend 5-10 minutes talking about their respective program and how they do things, what they expect, etc.  From there, each presenter introduces videos of rowing.  They will SHOW their audience(s) exactly what they are looking for in the rowing stroke.  Then, they will break down video that does not meet their expectation and share what they do to change the technique for the better.  Where do they start?  What drills do they do?  How do they implement the change?  As the groups are smaller, interaction with the audience is expected.  Questions and answers are a must!  Slowing down the video, pausing at a moment, etc…. All are hoped for.  We will get to SEE what these great coaches are looking for - how/when they SEE it.   Then, we can follow along and SEE what they do to affect positive changes.  As they Chinese Proverb says, "Tell me and I will forget: Show me and I may remember: Include me and I will understand."
Choosing the right Oar (Christine Wilson or ConceptII)
With technology moving so quickly, it is hard to keep up with the latest innovations.  Christine Wilson is a coach with an incredible resume and extensive knowledge of the oars that are available to teams.  Here is a chance to discuss the various types of oars, and how to choose the right one for your program.
Nutrition for Juniors (Dr. Paul Arciero)
Figuring out how to keep athletes fit should start with keeping their bodies fueled correctly.  With so many items on their plate (get it? Funny) these young people are keeping insane hours, multiple endeavors (jobs, sports, grades, hobbies, etc).  How do we encourage them to keep the right balance in their nourishment, rest cycles, and hydration needs?  We learn and pass it on, that's how.  Dr. Arciero is just the person to get us started.
Rigging (standard & advanced) (Eric Catalano)
CAUTION: Hands-on Presentation!!  Bring tools.  If you know Eric Catalano, you must know that he is a rigging wizard.  Here is a chance to (a) learn the basics (b) think "outside the box".  This course is at the Saratoga Boathouse.  You must actively take part in the rigging.   Questions are encouraged (in advance) to liven up the advanced portion.
Lifting for Juniors (Shane Healy)
Local product, Shane "Conan" Healy will introduce lifting to anyone who joins him at the Saratoga Boathouse.  Shane has been helping implement a lifting program for the SRA Shane has been great at creating a program that anyone could duplicate with their team.  He utilizes small spaces well and introduces lifts that work well with teams without huge amounts of equipment.  Shane will go through important aspects of training teenagers + using lifting.
Core Workouts & Circuits (Shane Healy)
Another of Coach Healy's programs.  Shane utilizes available spaces and a variety of items to create great circuits and core routines.  
Utilizing the Erg/Gamuts/Swingulators/etc (Mike Wenker)
Mike Wenker (for Cincinnati Juniors Coach and current Dayton U. Head Coach) leads a demonstration of setting up winter training practices utilizing various equipment available to coaches in the NorthEast.  The guys from Swingulator, amongst others, will be around to help as well.
Roundtable Discussion
This is a group-discussion roundtable designed to bring together people from HS/Clubs to share ideas on how to run your teams.  Club Presidents, Board Members, Booster Club members, any/all are welcome.  The group is limited to 20 people and will be moderated.  Topics will be scheduled and each participant is expected to share "how they do it".  We have a list of items to start off with, however, all requests will be added to this list.
Yearly Awards
Awards will be given out at dinner on Saturday night.
The following Awards will be handed out:
    Mens Youth/HS Sweep Coach of the Year
    Mens Youth/HS Sculling Coach of the Year
    Womens Youth/HS Sweep Coach of the Year
    Womens Youth/HS Sculling Coach of the Year