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Well done to the kids for this turn around.  After a long Universal day, they responded well to the 7:00 am practice time for Day number 4.  It really helps when the weather is just perfect.  (I have to admit, I am not missing the snow one bit.)  Each morning, Coach Tyler has been taking half the Mods at a time for some land work, while coach Bean and Lou take the others out on the water, and then they switch halfway thru the long practice.  Well, in all the excitement about Universal, I forgot to mention the discovery of the Mods when they ventured out for a run with Tyler.  I mean the discovery other than the ice cream shop in downtown Windermere (whose main street is tiny compared to Saratoga).  Turns out Winderemere has a painted horse statue just like Saratoga.  It almost felt like summer in Saratoga - until they ran past a house that had a moat built around it???

I got to take out a single pair this morning... Talk about a lot of information coming at you.  This was the first or second row in a pair for these girls, and then they had me coaching them.  I am really impressed with how much they soaked in given the challenges of rowing a pair and the amount of focus had to go into every movement.  They did learn the meaning of "top bolt" a few times, but they stayed out of the water, and finished the practice rowing together all full strokes.  

After practice we had our groups of walkers and runners... but poor Courtney didn't realize what she was in for.  She chose to walk with Bean!  I can tell you from last night (Bean and I walked to Sushi while everyone else was at Universal)  Bean walks faster than many people run!

Between practices, while coach Isa and Bean went out for a row, the rest of the group enjoyed the sunny 80+ degree weather.  The kids found the perfect spot down by the pond next to the bonfire pit, and the coaches just plopped down right in front of the dining hall (nearer to the ice water I think)

I am a little sad I missed out on some of that sun napping  - I had to fix a wire for the trailer before the trip home.  In the end though, Siri and I discussed it, and I got a 15 minute nap in the sun.

Second practice was beautiful again, and Alida and Lou got together to mix up some of the 8th graders with the 9th graders in the eights.  The girls with me did a great job, and I think Alida was pretty confident with her group as well... She texted me during practice and challenged us to a race, but we were too far away, and we didn't make it back in time.  Maybe another time Alida!  We were ready!

After second practice, Mr Dexter and Mr Macie took the reigns and let the coaches go out for a coach dinner.  We had a great time!  Just down the road from the camp, there is a little place that specializes in pulled pork called the "Yellow Dog Cafe" we grabbed a table out back near the volkswagon bus, and enjoyed our time together.  After dinner we even tried to get a picture in the volkswagon, but we had to ask 2 little boys who were busy playing video games to take the picture.  They seemed happy to help, but the one boy totally shot me down when I suggested he should choose Kevin Durant over LeBron James for his video game.  

We finished our evening away with a little trip to the Twistee Treat ice cream place... shh don't tell the kids.  And, as is his custom, Coach Isa ordered an ice cream larger than his head.

I think I am about ready for bed, but I am pretty curious what is going on over in the other dorm.  I am pretty sure I saw strobe lights as we arrived back from out coaches outing.  Perhaps I will hear stories in the am.

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