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Universal Day!

As excited as everyone was for Universal, we still got a great morning row on beautiful water.  I had strict instructions from Alida to work them pretty hard - they only had one practice.  So, after an hour or so of drills, we had two competitive 14 minute pieces.

may be earlier in the week than we usually plan the Universal trip, but the weather worked, and the rowing has been going great.  We figured we might as well hit the theme park early.  I do have to say that I have been pretty impressed with the kids.  With the exception of a little walmart situation (we knew there would be a story there) the kids have been great.  What I was most impressed with was the bus ride... I almost NEVER ride the bus, but yesterday Isa took the truck to practice early to go out for a row in the single - so I got to ride the bus to practice... No sooner did I settle into a seat before one of the girls stood up and took care of role call!  I was shocked.  In my experience the coaches/chaperones all have to manage that -- NOPE, they took care of it themselves.  It was awesome.

Now, about the Walmart trip.  One thing I like about Alida is that she is punctual, and has high expectations for all her rowers.  I did not hear any names, but I am told that a few of the kids were late coming out of Walmart at the appointed time (even though she warned them to go get in line).  Needless to say, there were a few sore kids this morning when they realized that 150 jumpies can really burn those legs.  

For the guys, I think we have found a new favorite past time, every extra minute seems to be spent reeling in fish.  I think next year we will have to bring along some more fishing equipment (though they seem to be quite successful with bread and a hook)

I am trying right now to pull some universal stories from the coaches and chaperones in my room - but it is tough, they are all pretty tired and struggling to stay awake.  Best story I heard... Coach Isa and his feats of strength.  Remember yesterday when Isa had that smoothie (spinach, mango, avacado, and banana) that was called the HULK.  Turns out that was a little foreshadowing.  Isa paid his $5 and got up to the game where you swing the mallet... With Scores of 100, 99, and 100, he came away with 2 giant teddy bears (couple of lucky girls who were nearby have taken to babysitting them for him:  No teddy bears allowed in the Mens dorm)

After Universal, they went off to City walk for dinner.  I heard there that Helena ended up with a palm tree balloon hat (was it really her birthday?).  Amazingly enough, everyone ended up back on the bus on time - maybe the jumpies resonanted?  There were a few who were momentarily distracted by themselves on the Jumbo Screen, but I guess they made it.

These chaperones and coaches are running a tight ship.  The bus was back home before 9 and lights out was moved earlier (9:30) in order that everyone can get a little extra sleep before the 7 am practice. Given the state of these other coaches and chaperones in my room, I doubt anyone will make it to 9:30.

I am sure I will hear a few more stories tomorrow.

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