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Tuesday these girls began approaching the tipping point as the cold weather and wind would not relent.  In a clever form of protest morning practice began with a group sing-a-long of "Silent Night".  While we did row through a little bit of snow in the first practice we were spared the heavy stuff.  Post practice was another long restful afternoon.  School work must be heavy these days, there is a lot of studying and a lot of sleeping going on these days.  Yes, the cold weather saps the energy more than rowing under normal conditions.  It also makes you a little more sore because the body is so busy tensing itself under the cold in addition to the hard work it is doing while rowing.  Given the challenging conditions and the early season things are going surprisingly well.  We rarely even row by full boats this early in the season.  We have been getting decent miles, and while it has been a real challenge physically (and mentally) we are almost through the toughest part.  Pretty amazing how things can change from Saturday to Monday.

When we were home warming up with Soup and cocoa, the skies opened up and the snow was so thick we couldn't even see the river from the house.  Second practice would require some real mental toughness.  Fortunately the sun was out for a bit of the practice and while the practice was challenging, we survived it... well, almost.  Fiona Casey stepped off the dock just as we were finishing practice and soaked herself up to about mid thigh.  Quick action was taken and she was redressed and back in the van on her way to the house within minutes.  The girls are really impressive in this type of scenario.  So many of them were shedding socks and long spandex to share and when they got back to the house the shuttled her off to the bathroom with the heat on max and the shower running full hot.  Within minutes she was in a nice steam room and girls were bringing her hot soup and hot cocoa.  It may have been a little more than the situation actually warranted, but I was really impressed with the care and action taken.  Instinctively they went into protective mode... 

After a great dinner provided by Mrs. Delaney, we watched a little Wheel of Fortune (Isa is a champ) and Jeopardy (Rachel Su is a champ) and then back to One Tree Hill.

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