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Easter was not really a rowing day for the April trip.  We woke early and got the girls dropped off at the boathouse for Easter with the family by 7:30 am.  While each went their separate ways, I got dressed in my Easter best and went off to Church.  We arranged to meet again at 4:00 at the boathouse.  The original idea was to squeeze a practice in before dinner, but upon arrival at the beach, we remembered we had a lot of work to do in order to rig the Hudson and install the shoes we purchased for the AUS trip.  So we spent a while preparing and then back to dinner.  After dinner, half the kids went off to watch "duck dynasty" and the rest settled in for some classic disney.  Funny thing though... slowly they drifted off to bed as the "Lion King" ended and "Beauty and the Beast" took over... Around 10:30 I looked around the room as was slightly embarrassed to find that they had all left and it was Isa and I watching "Beauty and the Beast" and Isa was asleep.

This morning we woke to a drizzly but warmer morning than the mornings past.  Knowing the forcast was for high winds later in the day, I decided to make the morning row a long one.  With great rowing conditions we covered 10+ miles and then headed back for some brunch as prepared by Mrs. Georgia.  Post brunch we settled in for the daily TED Talk.  This time it was David Blaine.  Then... nap time... however, we did have a few adventurous ones willing to wake early and spend some time preparing some delicious deserts for this evening.  The other afternoon activity involved some opening day baseball watching -- I restrained myself in cheering and gloating because Nanny Wegner is a Yankees fan, and she seemed pretty upset.

When it came time to practice again, Nanny climbed into one of the vans to drive us down to the beach, when coach Nicole pulled into the driveway just in time to help transport us all to the beach.  Nanny told me later "I was just getting ready to pull out of the driveway and a little girl came over and asked if I wanted her to drive!"  

We arrived at the beach to find some pretty challenging conditions.  The wind was gusting and we debated for a few minutes if it would be worth venturing out.  Because the river has high banks we eventually decided we could find some flat water and off we went.  We did find flat water BUT... I made the mistake of continuing up river.  A few minutes later I realized that the last bend in the river exposed us to the dreaded Wind opposing current scenario and the waves became significant.  Fortunately, as an experienced coach I knew the danger of trying to turn a shell around in rolling waves... So, we had to ride it out until we turned the next corner and found some flatter water in which to turn around.

Finally making it home we were rewarded with some amazing pasta from Mrs Germano and the deserts prepared earlier in the day.  After dinner the first 2 episodes of "One Tree Hill" finally made their way to Apple TV.  And the evening is now concluding with a classic Abby Messier monologue (for 2 hours).

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