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One of the big benefits of rowing right outside the front door is that we can sleep in a bit!  The girls were very happy for the extra half hour of sleep as we made our way to the beack at 8:00 am.  Unfortunately it was a bit chilly and we arrived to find our riggers nicely frosted.  The sun would make quick work of that though and by the time we got a few miles into practice the bare arms started coming out.  As we rowed we saw a bunch of people coming out to the windows and porches to see us rowing by.  With the rowing going very well, the water flat, and the sun shining, I didnt want to stop rowing, and we continued adventuring up river for 4 and a half miles.  Turning around we had the current on our side and after 90 minutes of drills and rowing up river, we did one 29 minute pyramid home. (glad the current is with us for the way home!)

After practice we were treated to grilled cheeses and soups and salads (and some leftovers) followed by a great Ted Talk by Amy Cuddy.  While I was excited to continue playing banagrams with some of the girls, they had different ideas.  Within 20 minutes everyone of them were asleep and the naps lasted most of the afternoon.  One by one they awoke and eventually we were off to second practice.  Once again the water was great, and this time we got out in an eight and two quads.  Practice was going well, until we lost a little focus as we rowed by the house and saw our dinner being delivered.  Speaking of which, when I asked EP what I should blog about, she said "it was a good food day" and she was right!  The enchiladas were out of this world, and Mrs. Hite, Bobbit, Brennan, and Pierce topped off the day with make your own Sundays.  

After dinner we had a visit from Lizzy Fitzhenry, but it was the sophomores who stole the show.  Who knew some of them were youtube stars?  After a little mischief we learned of the cleverness of Jess and Katrina.  While watching episodes of Modern Family were were interrupted by a streamed video via air play.  There on our big screen TV Jess and Katrina looping "if you can see this, we are locked out on the front porch, please come rescues us"  At first we had no idea what was going on, but eventually we caught on, and the rescue mission commenced.  

With bellies full of enchiladas and the sugar rush of the Sundaes wearing down, off they went to bed, and day 2 came to an end.

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