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Another day full of adventure!  Morning practice started with a gentle breeze which picked up over the course of practice... not enough to bring us back to the dock, but enough to be annoying.  Personally, I brought my crews in a little bit early (mostly because one girl whose name begins with "Savannah" had to use the little girls room)  It worked out really well though, sometimes having that extra time really allows you time to explain things in detail without the distraction of all that goes on when you are on the water. The trick is keeping their attention during the explanation.  Fortunately I had a little help with that.  As we set the boat on the side of the dock to do a little bit of blade work exercises, the USRowing directors of education came down with their fancy cameras and microphones to film the explanation and demonstration.  They are in the process of making DVDs for the new coaching education and certifications.  Well... as I was getting fitted with the mic the girls were busy (secretly) adjusting their pony tails and spandex... It is not often they get to be movie stars!  I had no trouble keeping their attention!  It was awesome.  They wanted to be filmed demonstrating proper technique (heaven forbid you end up as the "don't do this...")  I even put on my silliest pair of sunglasses.. but they didn't comment on them at all.  Best behavior.  I decided at that point that I am going to hire someone to sit in my coaching launch with a fake camera all the time pretending like he is making a movie... maybe I will even have him make fake phone calls to producers "Yeah, things are looking pretty good here.  Perhaps Mr. Bieber will want to come down and get the action shot"  I could get perfect behavior for a week with that one!

Meanwhile, on the other end of the lake...  Alida decided to take the frosh 8 on a grand adventure.  After leaving the little pond at the boathouse, they proceeded through another channel (under a very tight bridge that required pulling oars in a little bit) and another pond, and another channel to the BIG lake.  It took a little while, but they made it to Shaq's house!  They had all kinds of plans for what they would do when they got there (I think Klotz and Carissa had plans to challenge him to a game of basketball)  Unfurtunately when they got there they were frightened away by a guy on the dock... It wasn't until they looked closely that they noticed it was a statue of Superman.  Klotz and Carissa may be Ballers, and probably could have taken Shaq... but Shaq and Superman... they tucked their tails and rowed away.

After the first practice, Alida and I got our first kid company for the 3 mile jog home.  Max Lynch was game for the run.  It was great to having him along.  I love when kids take a little initiative like that.  He did a great job, and we had a pretty good time for the route.

Fortunately we didn't run him too hard.  The adventures continued during the second practice.  Coach Lou decided to do a little exploring with the boys.  With only a small amount of gas, he knew he couldn't go to Shaq's house, but he did make it over to the second pond.  While over at the pond, a nice older gentleman (80s we think) called out to Lou.  Turns out this guy used to row for the Detroit Boat club.  He loved seeing the rowers out there, and was more than happy to let them use his beach for a mid-practice swim.  (Don't tell the girls that the boys got to swim...)

In the afternoon the freshmen girls got their chance to be the movie stars... and this time our coxswain Jess got the Mic!  Again, best attention ever :-).   One of my favorite quotes of the day was from Coach Korzo to Maddie Klotz: "you do not row like kangaroo now" (you have to hear it in a Polish accent)

Then, after the second practice, Alida and I got our next kid company.  Ada Bielawski decided to join our run for the way home.  Again, great run (I am not sure she even broke a sweat)

Dinner was set a little early tonight, and the kids hopped back on the bus for a trip to some indoor fun place (it was storming).  I opted for the peace and quiet of an empty dorm to write this blog as well as a letter of recommendation for a former athlete.

Tomorrow we have one practice and then it's off to Universal and Harry Potter World.  This trip is too much fun!

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