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For GPS - enter 543 Union Avenue, Saratoga Springs, NY (this is the SRA Boathouse).  Instead of turning into our driveway, continue over the cement bridge and take your next left.

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SRA Results at the NY State Championships

SRA rowers won medals in 19 of the 38 events!

Saratoga Girls:

Saratoga Boys:

G Sr8+ = Gold

B Sr4+ = Silver

G 2nd8+= Gold

B 2-   = Gold

G 2-   = Gold

B lwt4x= Gold

G lwt4x= Silver

B Jr4x = Gold

G lwt2x= Bronze

B Sr4x = Silver

G Jr4x = Gold

B Sr2x = Gold

G Jr4x = Silver

B F4x  = Gold

G Sr4x = Silver

G Sr2x = Bronze

G F4+  = Gold

Ballston Spa Boys:

G F8+  = Silver

B Jr4x = Silver (BSpa)

G F4x  = Gold

B Jr2x = Gold (Bspa)

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