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FAQ Document 

This document is assembled of frequently asked questions and is designed to help answer your questions regarding SRA and the rowing program.  If your questions are not answered in this document please feel free to contact any of the below individuals.  These are parents of  rowers and will be happy to discuss the program with you, they all probably had the same questions when their children started so please do not hesitate to contact them!


  • Varsity Girls                         Laurie Murphy                     584-0859    
  • Varsity Boys                         contact office
  • Freshman Boys                    Kim Shaw                            583-1505    
  • Freshman Girls                     contact office
  • Modified Girls                      Lynn Cianfarani                     587-5400   
  • Modified Boys                     Patty Millens                         306-4057    


Best Location For Information – Detailed information can be found on the SRA website which is , below are some examples of what you will find on the website.

 Where Do We Row?

  • On Fish Creek and Saratoga Lake – Boathouse address is 543 Union Ave – next to Saratoga Boatwork’s

 What Should Rowers Wear to Practice?

  • Dress for the weather, we row rain or shine
  • Practice Clothing should be warm, tight fitting, and preferably non-cotton wicking fabrics
  • Layer your clothing and avoid loose fitting clothes such as hoodie sweatshirts

 Required Clothing:

  • Fall Season – New rowers only need to have a CoolMax/Drywick shirt
  • Spring Season and after – Must have a SRA uniform (Uni)
  • Varsity Rowers – Required to have a SRA warm up suit

  What is required at each Practice?

  • WATER preferably  in a Nalgene type container  labeled with the rowers name and covered with a sock (this helps to prevents it from denting/dinging the bottom of the boat)
  • Proper clothing for the weather conditions, be prepared for changing weather during the day
  • Waterproof Band-Aids and or adhesive tape for blisters
  • Sunscreen should be applied prior to practice

 How is safety addressed for the rowers?

  • Safety is of the utmost importance to SRA
  • No on-water activity will take place either during, in anticipation of, and/or immediately after a thunderstorm
  • No on-water activity will take place if the water is deemed unsafe
  • All coaching launches carry US Coast Guard approved PFD’s (personal Floatation Devices)
  • All Rowers must be competent swimmers without assistance

 SRA hosts several local regattas annually: (Volunteering is required for all below regattas)

  • Saratoga Invitational (early spring)
  • NYS Collegiate Championships (mid-spring)
  • New York State Scholastic Championships (mid-spring)
  • North American Junior B/C Championships (mid-spring)
  • Tail of the Fish (early fall)
  • Head of the Fish (late fall). 
  • See our website for other away regattas that the coaches enroll the rowers in throughout the year. 

 Volunteering Requirement:

  • Each family is required to volunteer at all the home regattas.  The organization is built upon a family atmosphere and without this the regattas would not run smoothly and our costs would be extremely high
  • Many volunteer choices are available, see the website for choices
  • Special arrangements can be made if you cannot fulfill your volunteer requirement; however it is the desire of SRA that you volunteer if at all possible.

 What is the best way to communicate with SRA and the coaches?

  • Preferred method is via email, it has proven to be the quickest and best method of communication
  • Each coach will contact rowers families regularly with updates to schedules and information or regattas

 What is the fee for rowing?

  • This is dependent on the season, check the website of a list of programs and fees 
  • Rowers Assistance Program (RAP) is available for qualified applications to help cover the registration and certain regatta costs, see the SRA website for more details 

 Where to park for practice and regattas?

  • Regatta Parking – the boathouse is only available for drop off and pick up.  Parking is available across the bridge in Lee’s park (Fee Charged) or you can find parking on the streets where parking is allowed. 
    • Plan extra time when arriving for the larger regattas, traffic can back up for 30 minutes or more at peak times so build this into your plans. 
  • Practice Parking – If you are picking your child up from practice please go to the state boat launch and use that as a cell phone lot.  Once all the kids you are picking up are ready they can call you to be picked up.  It is very busy and dangerous for the kids with so many cars coming in and trying to make parking spots that do not exist, please help us keep the congestion at a minimum and the kids safe. 

 What is the best way to learn about the types of rowing and associated terminology?

  • Please see the Helpful Hints for Spectators (click here), this information is beneficial and includes rowing terminology.


 Fall 2017 Regatta Schedule