Athlete Village & Waterfront Project

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Athlete Village & Waterfront Project

Approximate Pricing

  Young Athletes 

Saratoga LTR           $250

Youth Sculling          $240

Junior Competitive

Spring                     $640

Summer                  $245

Fall                          $425

Travel          see regattas

   Adult Rowing

Masters Winter      $120

Masters Spring       $150

Masters Summer    $325

Masters Fall           $180

Bean's Babes    /Session

6 week LTR            $200


4 week indoor         N/A

5 week outdoor       N/A


Adult Learn-to-Row

Ever want to learn to row? Take advantage of the beautiful Saratoga outdoors, get fit, and meet other like minded individuals?  Try the Adult Learn-to-Row Class!  Whether you are returning to rowing after a long hiatus, looking to cross an item off your bucket list, looking to get into shape or thinking of joining our Master's program - you are sure to have a fun adventure.  This class is made possible with the help of experienced Master's and Junior's from SRA.

Sessions: Meets on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 6 pm.  Click on the Register Now Button to join us and see the exact dates for this Summer!