Athlete Village & Waterfront Project
 Athlete Village & Waterfront Improvement Project


 It was a great summer at SRA with some excellent camps and training, some great achievements from our athletes racing across the country and overseas and...we surged right past the finish line for our goal of raising $25,000 towards the Athlete Village & Waterfront Project!

Stewarts and the Dake Family have generously matched our efforts with a gift for $25,000 bringing the total raised to $52,450!  Total as of today, additional gifts are still coming in.  Thank you SRA members, alumni, families and friends for your generous gifts and participation.  We could not have done this without your help!

Plans for phase two of this multi-year project are now underway, both at the boathouse waterfront as well as across the bridge next to the Training Center.  We are forming a project development team as we prepare for several construction phases.  If you have some building skills and would be interested in being part of that please contact Katherine for more information.

We are so grateful for everyone's support. It is inspiring to be part of such a generous community and it is exciting to see the vision for the Athlete Village and Waterfront Project move one step closer to becoming a reality! 

Many Thanks,
Eric Catalano, Executive Director                         
Katherine Smith, Director of Development


 Athlete Village & Waterfront Improvement Project

Training space and housing are limiting factors for SRA programs and camps.  An Athlete Village in our own “backyard” will resolve those challenges. The project consists of  1) renovating the existing stand-alone structure on the property to add flexible space to meet demand, 2) installation of a permanent outdoor enclosure adding space for training and regatta logistics 3) building three to five small cabins and creating a park-like space to be enjoyed by SRA families and rowers, visiting athletes and the Saratoga Community. 

Summer 2018's matching gift drive has gotten us off to a great start! We are looking forward to seeing all that is possible as fundraising and construction continues. Thank you again for your support! 


The Athlete Village Plans

The Athlete Village will be located next to the Saratoga Regatta & Training Center and will include a large enclosure (40 x 80) providing additional training space as well as logistical regatta space.  The smaller existing structure will be renovated to provide overnight accommodations for out of town athletes and teams.  In addition, simple cabins will be added to provide additional sleeping space to meet the needs of the growing popularity of SRA camps and summer programs.  The space will be available to the community when not in use by SRA programs. The plans allow for room for growth as needs dictate, with future plans even including a potential outdoor fitness course, creating value for SRA programs as well as the Saratoga community.

Enhancing the Spectator Experience - Waterfront Improvements


A generous donation from an SRA family kick started plans in 2017 for improvements to the waterfront at the boathouse.  A stone platform was added for coaches to work from, a wall of boulders bolstered the shoreline and provides some seating for spectators while improving the aesthetics of the property. The next phases will include additional patio and viewing areas for regattas, flag pole, bleachers and additional landscaping. The shoreline is going from a place to avoid getting scratched by the brush... to a place to linger and watch the excitement out on the water!  

More info on Project details here.  THE VISION

Questions? Contact Katherine Smith, Director of Development at