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31 days until The Invitational

Hello All,

We have 31 days until the 16th annual Saratoga Invitational. You can keep track of the invitational and all updates here. On the page you will be able to down load a current tentative schedule, see all the announcements and stay updated.




We hope to see you all at the Invitational.



Silent Auction on Thursday

SRA will hold this year's silent auction on Thursday, March 20th. There is something for everyone at the silent auction. It is also a great time to see faces of the SRA family, past and present, the people who make SRA a great organization.

We hope to see you Thursday!


Florida Trip

Last week the freshman and mod teams made a trip to Orlando, Florida for a training trip. You can read about our trip here


Winter Training Underway!

With the first full month of training in the books, the varsity squads have really started to settle into their training. There is a long road to June and that is well underway. With the varsity juniors hard at work, the masters squads continuing their winter training and in the last week the freshman and modified teams beginning their official practices.

What may be different than previous years was the dedicated winter modified group and freshman open invitation to varsity practice. It was very exciting to see freshman show up nearly a month ahead of time and participate with the varsity during practice. It is often said that championships are won in December and January and I find it hard to argue with that adage. Not to say that those 2 months are any more important than any other 2, but I think the deep winter month have a revealing quality. They stick out because, in the north and northeast where there is no on water activity and in warmer climes where there is very little racing activity, as rowers we are so far removed from the ultimate goal of training: to be sucessful at the big races at the end of the season.

We are now midway into February with just over a month of great training behind us. Three days away from our first vacation since training began in earnest, we ask ourselves: How will we respond?


2nd Annual Junior Coaches Conference comes to town

SRA looks forward to hosting the Junior Coaches Conference. On Friday Saratoga Springs will host over 100 coaches for the second annual Junior Coaches Conference. Last year we were fortunate to be able host an event that was well recieved. There were many moving parts that led to last years conference being a great event. Ad we hope to experience success this year as well